Tiago Valente, Owner

Since 2008 that we are Floataway customers and we are 100% satisfied. Gini and the rest of the team are always thoughtful, quickly responding to our requests. The tanks are well-built and problem free, despite their constant use.

At the time we have 4 tanks and all function well. The repairs are easy to perform. We wish the continuation of their success and the best of luck to all the Floataway team, recommending the brand to everyone that seeks a reliable supplier of floatation tanks.

Float in Spa - Lisboa, Portugal


Floataway cabin 02.JPG

Dylan Calm, Owner

Something often missed by float center owners is that when you purchase a float tank, you are buying into a relationship with the manufacturer. Do they take your money and forget about you? How quickly do they respond to phone calls and emails? If a part dies, how quick are they to get you a replacement part? How far are they willing to go to ensure your tank is in optimal condition? My experience with Floataway is that, despite the fact that I bought a second hand tank directly from the previous owner, they consider me to be a business partner who should be operating at peak quality and efficiency.

The Float Shoppe - Portland USA


BodyMind Rochester NY.jpg

David Brickman, Owner

Bodymind Float Center has been operating Floataway tanks since we opened in 2013.  I credit our photograph of the gorgeous and futuristic Tranquility Float Pod for bringing many people through our doors.  

We also have a Cabin for Two, which is our biggest earner.  Our guests love couple’s floats and, given the nearly universal apprehension of first-time floaters, having that capacious tank to show always seals the deal.   The pump and filtration systems on these tanks are first rate - efficient and durable.

Working with Floataway owners, Colin and Gini, is a pleasure.  They are unfailingly warm and respond very quickly when we have questions.  As I write this, we are expecting delivery of a second Cabin for Two shortly.  I anticipate acquiring more Floataway products in the future.  In a world full of novice float tank manufacturers, Floataway stands apart as a veteran.  I highly recommend this great company!

Bodymind Float Center - NY USA