The Tranquility, as with all our float tanks, has special sound transducers to excite the skin of the tub and produces high quality sound under water for the floater.  The pump and filter system, including UV when chosen, fit within the footprint and are managed by a our automatic control system.

The Tranquility also lives up to its name, producing profound relaxation.  Its clever design will also allow installation into any normal building, and the weight is safe for any normal floor.

Efficient Design

Built using the best GRP and acrylic materials, designed to be carried into existing buildings and many people believe to be the most beautiful float tank in the world.  

The Tranquility is designed to hide away all the technical elements within the product, not needing a separate technical pack.

Motorised Door 

The Tranquility has a remote control door as a standard feature, is the perfect way to signal the end of the float session, and is particularly useful in centres with more than one tank. The session control fades up the music, light and then opens the door at the end of a float session. The powerful silent heaters will allow long term floating with the door open as well as unlimited time at accurately controlled float temperature.


It has a unique registered design shape widely thought to be the most beautiful float tank in production.

It is produced in superior high specification GRP material for long life and easy maintenance.

Is the only float tank with all its technical parts fitted by clever design within the footprint of the tub.