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Cabin ForOne

The Cabin ForOne

The Floataway Float Cabin ForOne is an alternatives to our world famous Tranquility float pod. The Cabin with its range of colors for the satin walls and frosted glass double doors has the elegance of a superior float room.

The Cabin ForOne is a single person product,  the float room's rectangular shape fits into almost any standard room. When space is limited and only one tank is required, we recommend the Cabin ForOne float room.

The Cabin ForTwo

The Cabin ForTwo has become a design of choice among float operators.  The elegant design uses the highest quality materials to give you the most beautiful float room.  The Cabin ForTwo has a wider floating pool giving the option to let couples float together.

Our rectangular cabins require a rectangular  technical pack next to the product or in an adjacent room.

The Cabin Technical Pack

The Cabin Technical Pack

Unlike the Tranquility that has all the technical equipment hidden within the side panels, both of the cabin float room's require a technical pack.  The position of this can be chosen to best suit your room.  The high power and efficient pumping system is compact and quiet and the reinforced cover can be used as a bench in the float room, or fitted in adjacent room.