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The USA partnership : Floataway and Superior

New CDC regulations? No problem!

Floataway is joining with Superior Float Tanks to pair our amazing Floataway pools with the NSF Approved and regulated Micron Filtration System and Unity Controller to future-proof your investment!

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This engine and filtration system is designed to be installed either in the float room – or, for even easier soundproofing – in an adjacent room. This is especially ideal for multi-float centers as all filter changes and maintenance can be done in one central location, as well as ensuring an absolutely peaceful float session from beginning to end!


The Micron Filtration System custom filter removes particles down to 1 micron in size and is now both NSF 50 and FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration).

The filter is easily accessible for maintenance, and has an optional decorative housing cover if you choose to keep the system in your float room.

As an added bonus, the modular design and connecting system means that all piping can be easily accessed and removed if needed in the case of any blockage or salt build-up.

This filter system, along with our powerful sanitation process, combine to guarantee your clients the purest float possible!

This system is equipped with a custom fan-less magnetic drive pump to help reduce air-borne noise in the float room, as well as in-line heating. This additional heating supply allows for hibernation at night (or longer), with a quick return to optimal temperature when needed. 


Unity Float Control Software

All Floataway Powered by Superior float pools will also come equipped with the ultramodern Unity Control System. This efficient and easy-to-use software can control up to 6 float pools at a time – perfect for any size float centre.

The software can be downloaded onto any windows device for your convenience. Easily pre-set and monitor float settings for session times, water temperature, filtration settings, and float pool status for multiple tanks – ensuring a seamless float experience for both your floaters and your staff! You can even set audio greetings to start and end the session, and pre-select music or mediative podcasts to play during the float session, either from the recorded library or manually with an MP3 device.

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Your Unity Control System will be fully equipped with customizable color light therapy settings and the advanced Unity sound system for the ultimate in lighting and sound control. These options are especially beneficial for new floaters who would like to ease in to the true art of floating, or who need some help reaching the deepest levels of relation. Let your clients create a custom float experience they will never forget!