Justin Feinstein, PhD : LIBR*

Based on the clinical effects we are witnessing in our research studies, I believe that Floataway has succeeded on every level of its mission.  Rarely does one have the opportunity in life to work with a company that is capable of making your dreams come true, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have joined the Floataway family.

Justin Feinstein, PhD - Director, Float Clinic & Research Center, Laureate Institute for Brain Research*

Bare flyt cabin floataway

Pål Kuhlmann, Owner

I approached Floataway after I tried the tranquility pod for the first time. I had tried several other float tanks prior to that, but I was looking for something that stood out, that had a more inviting design. I also bought a double cabin for two which has served us well.

Floataway was very helpful  in the planning process of my new float centre, Bare Flyt, and gave valuable insight to designing the space and keeping practicality in focus. The result was a well organised and easy process.

One thing I liked was how easy it was to get answers from them. The whole team was available on phone and Skype whenever needed.

I would recommend Floataway to anyone who wants well functioning and beautiful flotation tanks!

Bare Flyt - Oslo, Norway


float tank floataway

Brian Frisselle, Owner

Floataway has been absolutely awesome to work with! Whenever we have questions or issues they are lightning fast to respond and support us.

The pod works consistently trouble free and without leaks. Having a spa with many different suppliers for different equipment, I have a good gauge on what suppliers are good to work with and which ones are more difficult. Without a doubt Floataway has been one of the most professional to work with and their equipment has given us the least amount of trouble. If I ever had to to expand our Float program there is no doubt in my mind we would expand with Floataway!

Fahrenheit Body Spas - Colorado, USA