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The Open Floataround pool at LIBR

The Open Floataround pool at LIBR


Favoured by Dr Justin Feinstein of LIBR*, an open round float pool is the ultimate float experience. 

Floataway can supply fully equipped pools which can be installed into false/raised floors, or as the more popular free-standing option.

Floataway currently sells four standard open float pools. Our rectangular pools are based on a slightly modified version of our Cabin ForOne and Cabin ForTwo float rooms, our circular pools uses our Floataround base and we can offer an open Tranquility.

The open-air design completely removes all feelings of claustrophobia. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having an open pool for anxious populations. Without it many of our patients would have refused to even try floating.

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Open Tranquility float pool

Open Tranquility

Utilising the efficient natural shape of the Tranquility, the Open Tranquility float pool is a beautiful addition to a float room. Like the Tranquility, it is designed to hide away all the technical elements within the product, thus not requiring a separate technical pack.

The curved shape is designed to be carried into existing buildings, through doorways and even up stairs.

Open Pool ForOne & ForTwo

Our rectangular pools are based on a slightly modified version of our Cabin ForOne and Cabin ForTwo float rooms.

The Open ForTwo pool is designed to allow the option of individual or couple float sessions, while the Open ForOne pool is for individual use only.

The Pools can be built with removable side walls like our Cabin range or be fitted into your room design.

Our rectangular pools require a rectangular  technical pack next to the pool or in an adjacent room.

Open Floataround pool

Open Floataround Pool

As used by Dr Justin Feinstein in LIBR*, the Open Floataround circular pool gives an open-air design completely removing all feelings of claustrophobia, giving the freedom to float as if in space.

The Open Floataround can be freestanding with sides that you step over, or sunken into your floor as in the example above.

The Open Floataround has a technical pack that is curved to fit the pool if installed in the float room, or a rectangular option is also available. 


*Dr. Feinstein has no financial interest or investment in Floataway.  In addition, Floataway is not directly involved in any of the research being conducted at LIBR and has no role in the study design, study funding, data collection, data analysis, or reporting of results.