why floataway

We have had a factory in the UK since 1999 and opened a H.Q. in Tulsa, USA in 2017 : Floataway are ready to look after all your float needs, whereever you are.

Floataway is the only company offering the following technical services :

  • Different disinfection schemes to suit different countries, i.e chlorine based, peroxide based with ultra-violet filter or bromine based, with experience of supplying each of these in production

  • A control system that can include as well as session control, full REDOX disinfection and pH control for automation (optional extras). (It is expected that DIN standards requiring full REDOX control will gradually become requirement is Europe.)

  • Technical innovations to suit customers one off requirements.

  • Standard float tank technical packs to bespoke one-off float pools.

  • The Floataway top entry cartridge filter system is unique, designed and manufactured only by Floataway.  It avoids losing salt water when changing cartridges.

How many Centres / Countries?

How many Centres and how many Countries have Floataway float tanks? The number is obviously increasing all the time, but at the end of 2016 Floataway had installed tanks in more than 250 centres, spread over 47 countries world wide.

Floataway's Floataround :

  • is the only production, round luxury float tank capable of installation through normal doors.

  • is the only round float tank with shower attached option.

We can get a floatation tank into any building!

Floataway Float tanks, tubs, pools, pods and cabins are designed to be installed into existing buildings, through standard doors and carried through corridors, and up stairs! It's an important point, floatation products are big, most other companies products in the market have not been designed for this, all ours are from the very early design stage.  In really tight spaces we make the parts to be joined after carrying in with our own bolted flange and super white bonding system.  If your space is difficult please ask our advice, it is free and saves difficulties later.

Floataway's Cabin for Two :

  • Is the only cabin made for two people i.e. couple floating (couple floating was pioneered by Floataway and is commercially successful in float centres)

  • Is the only modular design product available allowing flexibility of door position and panel colour schemes.

  • Is the only cabin onto which can be fitted a shower as an option.

Run by Technical Experts

Floataway is run by technical experts, nice people who can advise on so many issues from over 50 years experience. We can successfully undertake any work requiring a combination of qualified British engineers and designers. We have extensive experience working in conjunction with architects in the UK and internationally on projects from concept visualisation to completion.

The Tranquility float tank

  • Has a unique motorised door for easy access and luxury feel.

  • It has a unique registered design shape widely thought to be the most beautiful float tank in production.

  • It is produced in acrylic, the only float tank in the world to be produced in this superior material for long life and easy maintenance.

  • Can be supplied in real gold or real silver finish as well as any acrylic paint colour. (extra price)

  • Is the only float tank with all its technical parts fitted by clever design within the footprint of the tub.

  • Is the only tank in the world with a motorised door which is the best end-of-session signalling device ever devised for a commercial float tank.

A Manufacturing Company

Floataway is a manufacturing company that designs its own float products and makes several standard models and will make a special for you, so you will be able to buy the right float system, tub, cabin or pool for your own needs.  Every product is made to order.  We also make and sell essential components for float systems, and complete technical packs for designer pools.

Floataway Stands Out

Floataway is the only floatation company in the world :

  • Working with LIBR in the most advanced scientific research project ever undertaken
  • With its own research and development facility designing and making float tanks

  • Offering more than one model of float tank

  • Offering to modify product or to make new designs thanks to our own design and factory resources.

  • Run by qualified British engineers and designers (Colin is a Chartered Engineer and Toby has a first class honours degree in Industrial Design)

  • With a 17 year history of float tank innovation

  • To publish its customers' list and has supplied more float tanks to more countries than any other manufacturer

  • Operating float centres in more than one country

  • Offering production, couple floating, float tanks

  • Whose float pod door opens automatically at the end of a float session

Custom Designed Features

Floataway has designed many custom features unique to our floating systems through innovation. Features that are not available from anyone else; These include continuous silent heating without the need to run the pump, motorised doors to enhance the experience that can be controlled while you float and specially designed water treatments to satisfy different regulatory authorities.  We make special tubs for existing spaces, special control features and novel combinations.

Technical Advice

Floataway will offer more technical advice and more commercial advice and more training support, we have the expertise and our many customers will tell you, we will support you every step of the way.

Options and Technical Solutions

Floataway offers more options and technical solutions than any other manufacturer, for example several different disinfection systems to suit different regulatory authorities, automation of regular maintenance, colour therapy, open float pools, closed pod type float tanks, large spacious cabins, no one else has invested this much in customer choice.

Beautiful Design

Floataway has sold more float systems than anybody else and that's probably not just for the reasons here, but because Floataway makes beautiful float pools, pods and cabins. Beautiful experience, beautiful shapes, it's a design led company.