The Benefit of Using a Floatation Tank for Infertility

Floatation Therapy Can Improve Fertility Treatment Chances

Floatation Therapy Can Improve Fertility Treatment Chances

Though millions of people find it very easy to conceive, others don’t. Infertility is something many people suffer with and it’s a problem that can majorly affect a person’s future plans, emotional wellbeing and happiness. After all, if all you want is to start a family and you’re having a problem conceiving then an entirely new set of worries are created.

So, is there a viable solution for those who are suffering with infertility?

If you’re suffering with infertility, the chances are you’ve considered a lot of different options. However, small changes to everyday life can make a big difference. This includes reducing stress and relaxing. 

Stress and Relaxation Can Affect Infertility

Though you may not think it, stress can have an impact on infertility and those who are stressed are likely to find it harder to conceive. When we’re stressed our bodies produce more stress hormones - adrenaline, catecholamines and cortisol - and this can reduce the production of one of the body’s major sex hormones. The reduction of this hormone can hinder ovulation in women. So, as you can see, feeling stressed and struggling to relax can bring about infertility struggles. This is where floatation therapy and float tanks come in.

Floatation Therapy as a Fertility Treatment

Floatation therapy and using a float tank can really improve fertility. This is because it helps to reduce stress, clears the mind of worries and brings a huge sense of relaxation over the body; all of this ensures the body is in the best state possible for fertility. By reducing anything that could stimulate the body and brain, floating in a float tank provides individuals with a complete sense of ‘nothingness’ and relaxation is achieved.

It’s only in recent years that floatation tanks and floatation therapy have been used as a fertility treatment, but already the benefits are obvious. Infertility and struggling to conceive can place a large amount of stress on both parties and this only goes on to hinder the process further. By embracing the need to completely remove all stress through the use of a float tank, many individuals find that their infertility problems are reduced.


Toby Stanwell-Smith