The original Tranquility float tank 1999

The original Tranquility float tank 1999



The name Floataway was coined and registered by ColinStanwell-Smith in 1999 while the product was being developed. Colin used all his experience to design and engineer the floataway float tank from the ground up. That experience included an Honours Mechanical Engineering degree at Bristol, England and a graduate apprenticeship at the British Aircraft Corporation where Concorde was getting ready to fly for the first time.

Floataway's strength, as a small company in a global market, is in its technology roots. The product still has the same inspired shape but the technology keeps improving and new design challenges occupy Colin and his son Toby who has joined the team. Toby has a first class honours degree from Brunel University in Industrial Design. Responding to customer requests floataway has also designed float rooms, first rectangular and now the circular "floataround" for larger spaces and is active in the area of special needs floatation tanks.

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