weight & size

  • Water and salt - 750Kg (7.5KN)
  • Product - 150Kg (1.5KN)

  • Standard person - 100Kg (1KN)

  • Total weight - 1000Kg (10KN)


  • Load bearing foot print = 2m² - 500Kg/m² (5KN/m²)

  • Total product foot print = 3m² - 333Kg/m² (3.33KN/m²)

These are within the minimum standard for floor loading, but if the floor is questionable, we recommend you use a structural engineer to assess it and make recommendations for the loading given.

  • Outside : 252cm x 160cm x 161cm high (door closed)
  • 205cm high (door open) - Minimum recomended ceiling height 210cm.


1500 Watts 230V ac, 50/60Hz Class One (earthed)

USA 208-240 volts 60Hz 20A 2H,N&G (30A with quick recovery)

Dedicated 30mA RCD or Class A GFCI

detail listing

  • Concealed controls box and filter housing.

  • Construction : Top quality GRP double skinned mouldings, hand finished.

  • Fire resistant base insulation.

  • For installation all parts will fit easily through standard domestic doors and staircases.

  • Customer can choose from standard or special colours for door and sides.

  • Powerful magnetic drive pump.

  • 1-30 micron top loading filter system.

  • Continuous heating, digitally thermostatically controlled to skin temperature.

  • Can be used with door fully open when required.

  • Full airflow design ventilation, draft free.

  • 'Live skin' active sound.

  • Emergency battery opens door and keeps tank light lit for at least 30 minutes in case of a power cut.

  • Attendant call button standard.

  • All internal controls are air coupled giving absolute electrical safety, exceeding all requirements.

  • Easy open door, motorised with control button inside and outside.

  • Remote operator monitor of functions with controls.

  • Internal lights with user control

  • Complete with instruction signage, operators manual, water treatment and chlorine kit, earplug starter kit, density checker, tank cleaner, water bottle and hook

Built to European Standards including:

  • BS EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014 (Electrical Appliances)

  • BS EN 60335-2-60:2003+A12:2010 (Spa/Whirlpool baths).

All products sold to the USA also meet standards:

  • NFPA 70, National Electrical Code - 2014, 1st Edition

  • UL 1795, Standard For Hydro massage Bathtubs, 4th Edition

  • UL 1563, Standard For Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies, And Associated Equipment, 6th Edition

  • UL 508A, Standard For Industrial Control Panels, 2nd Edition